Atelier 731...a nest for creativity

Why is Atelier 731’s process so valuable right now?

Never has the world been more in need of getting reconnected to intuition and creativity.  Through raising our awareness and stretching our creative minds, we will heal the planet and ourselves.  Corporations are in crisis, so is our planet.  Our teens have more than any teens have ever had in history and yet they are less satisfied and with lower self esteem than generations before them.  Women have made great strides to mother, relate and have fantastic careers but still desire a deeper connection to themselves and each other.

Something is missing...

...but what is it?

We continue to try logical approaches to solve our problems but we know (thanks to Einstein) that problems can’t be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.  This is the time to go to a deeper level of thinking and feeling and create new solutions to old problems and big innovations out of thin air!

Spending time focused on exercising your right brain (feminine brain) leads you to faster innovation, better problem solving and a deeper sense of connection to yourself and the world.

Try a new approach to learning about yourself.

This is powerful stuff and a lot of fun.